'The power to be independent’ has been Mastervolt’s mission statement since the company was established in 1991.

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Snijdersbergweg 93 Amsterdam, Netherlands 1105

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In the global maritime world, Mastervolt and its components and systems for power generation, distribution and storage have an excellent reputation. Mastervolt’s specialist know-how and rich experience have also opened up new markets, including power supply for vehicles and the solar market.
Today some 150 full-time specialists work for Mastervolt, the majority at the head office in Amsterdam. Many hundreds more people with a heart for Mastervolt are in service at distributors and dealers around the world. Irrespective of which key Mastervolt market they work in - marine, mobile or solar - all have a shared mission and passion.
About Mastervolt Solar

Getting the most from the sun. Generating the highest yield from the ideal synthesis between solar inverters and the installed solar panels, regardless of brand or type. This has been Mastervolt’s offering since 1995. Over the past 17 years Mastervolt has supplied hundreds of thousands of inverters to an equally high number of satisfied customers, mainly in Western Europe.
In 1999 we helped develop the largest residential solar project in the world (500 homes, 1.3 Megawatt) in the Dutch city of Amersfoort. The inverters installed at that time are still operational, thanks to their proven reliability, ease of installation and the excellent support we provide during preparation and realisation.
The future

Mother company Actuant’s strong focus on sustainable energy will help Mastervolt grow even further and stimulate innovation more than ever over the coming years. A major aspect within these goals is you, as a customer, as a client, as project developer or as financer; whether in a residential or in a commercial setting. Mastervolt Solar will continue to develop intelligent, innovative and highly efficient inverters and systems with ground-breaking designs. More than ever, the emphasis will be on versatility and durability. This will enable Mastervolt inverters to be used for the widest range of projects and, combined with all possible solar modules, be ready for future expansion or adaptation. This makes life easier for installers and provides a better overview for clients. At Mastervolt we will continue to give our all.